Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Reviews, Brushes, BB Cream and Lippie !!

Hi Beauty Lovers,

I'm back and thought id give you guys a post about my thoughts on a few items I've purchased over the past week.

The first items I purchased where two brushes a angled blush brush, and a flat top. I purchased these two brushes off costalcents.com. If your looking for cheap quality make-up and brushes I would defiantly check out this website, and they ship worldwide so everyone can have the pleasure of shopping there :)

These are the two brushes I purchased:

My honest opinion of these brushes? I absolutely love them! There sturdy, they apply make-up evenly and I've experienced none of the single brush hairs falling out which is a massive plus for me when buying new brushes. Who wants hairs in there make-up right?

I purchased these brushes off the website above with my own money, and together they came to $6 (New Zealand Currency) for me that was an absolute bargain. Getting good brushes in New Zealand is very hard as shipping always costs so much. I would highly recommend these brushes and would love to try out the sets they have as well.

The next product i purchased was the Lioele BB cream. I purchased this off the website hikosencara-nz.com

I think i purchased this for around $34 ( New Zealand Currency) which was a bit pricey for a BB cream but from all the raves id heard about this product I had to buy it and test it out for myself. Well I can now say it is worth every scent. This product is amazing ! I've been using it over the past week and it has made my skin feel and look so much better. It gives enough coverage to be able to wear it as your main foundation, it moisturises your skin and it gives a dewy hydrated finish. Overall I am so glad I bought this product and can say I will defiantly be re purchasing it in the future.

And the last product I picked up over the last week was a Maybelline colour essential lipstick in Rosy Dream, I just picked this up from my local drug store and it was around $20 ( New Zealand Currency)

I badly needed a nude pink lipstick so when I went into the shop and found this one I purchased it straight away, but now after testing it out I can say I don't think it is worth what I paid for and is my least favourite product out of all the things I purchased. Its a beautiful colour when swatched on my hand, the perfect colour really. But when applied to my lips it didn't look good at all. It came off so easily and looked patchy on my lips. I was so disappointed with this product, I would love to hear if anyone else has tried it and what you think about it ?

I Hope everyone is having a fabulous week, update you soon
Ashleigh xx

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