Tuesday, 9 July 2013

20 amazing beauty tips you need too know!

Hi beauty lovers,

So today i thought i would give you all some of my favourite beauty tips that work!
Try some out and let me know how it goes :)

1. Mix a tiny amount of tanning lotion in with your day cream to give your skin a radiant glow.

2. Best way to style curly hair? Apply a bit of conditioner while hair is still wet and twist it into big sections. This enhances natural curl and controls flyaways.

3. Eye shadow doesnt stay on long? Apply a cream shadow as a base, the slightly tacky texture will ensure that powders adhere better to your eyelid.

4. After you apply your lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and suck on it as you withdraw it. This gets rid of excess lipstick.

5. Favourite lipgloss is too sticky? Run an ice cube along your lips after applying, this should help dilute some of that gloop!

6. Greasy hair? For a quick fix you can use facial blotting papers on the hair. They will absorb the oil.

7. When applying foundation start at the centre of the face then blend out and down.

8. When selecting a foundation shade, test it on your chest rather than your face as this provides the best indicator of your true colouring.

9. Heat will cause a perfume to deteriate so store it in the fridge.

9. If you like a dewy foundation finish apply it with a sponge.

10.  Always blink into your mascara wand for extra curl.

11. To find the ideal blush shade for you, bend over for 30 seconds then see what colour your cheeks turn.

12. For the ultimate blow dry use a round natural bristly brush.

13. When using false lashes the golden rule is to always let the glue go tacky for 10-15 seconds before you apply the lashes.

14. For dehydrated skin, press a hot wet cloth gently on your face for a couple of minutes, follow with moisturiser.

15. When blow drying, insure hair is totally dry before styling, otherwise it wont hold for long.

16. If you need to clean up eyeshadow fallout, do it with a fan brush.

17. You can use perfume on a cotton bud to remove hair dye from around the hairline.

18. To prevent folish from chipping, seal each coat by brushing the tip of the nail.

19. Pop on a shower cap for five minutes to help maximise the effectivness of conditioning products. Then rinse out.

20. Between testing fragrances sniff the inside of your elbow as this area is odour neutral.

So thats 20 tips for you guys, i hope you enjoyed this post :)
Talk too you soon


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