Thursday, 7 November 2013

October Favourites

Hi beauty bouncers,

Before i get into my favourites I just wanted to make a big apology to all my readers for this post being a bit late! I have been up in Tauranga for a funeral and had no Internet, but I am back now and will be posting regularly again. I hope you have all had a amazing few days and enjoy my October favourites!

 Garnier Pure Active - Acne spot ex-foliating scrub
I purchased this product because once coming off the pill for a few months I broke out in acne something sadly I never really experienced when I was younger so I was kind of at a loss on what to do! I wash my face with this every night and have been using it for about a month now. It really does work well, it not only had helped cleared my pimples up but also blackheads (I know, gross right!) This is a reasonable priced product and would recommend it for acne prone skin!
 Maybelline Expert Wear - Eyebrow Pencil
I bought this product a few weeks ago because I wanted to try something new for my eyebrows and this product I really do enjoy! I find its the perfect colour and leaves a very natural looking finish to your eyebrows! Being a pencil you can also achieve sharp lines as well.

 L'oreal True Match - Lumi
This is one of the new foundations i decided to try out this month after hearing great things about it on you tube! I was not disappointed at all. It has a medium coverage when applied to the face but this is build able if you wish for more! It's light weight and gives your skin a smooth finish. Best of all it doesn't streak and lasts a long time.
 Covergirl + Olay Powder
Another new product I picked up this month and really enjoyed the final look on my face. This gives amazing coverage but does not at all give you that cakey look that some powders do!
Someday by Justin Bieber
OK so this product I kind of had a love hate relationship with, my first thought was Justin Bieber perfume? for some reason I automatically thought it was going to be targeted at a younger audience and didn't give it a chance. But then I went into Farmers and got a sample and now I can say I was so wrong! I ended up loving the smell and wear it all the time.
 O.P.I - Pink Flamingo
Love this colour, especially for summer/spring! I love bright colours in the summer months, and this is a beautiful Pink!

 John Freida - 3 Day straight
OK so this product I borrowed off my mum and never gave it back! Haha. Amazing product I cant talk about it enough!. I have wavy/curly hair (not to mention a annoying flick at the front of my hair that never stays straight!) and this product really does what it says! You spray it in damp hair and then style your hair as usual (blow dry/straighten) my hair was dead straight and it stayed that way! No annoying flick !
Chichi Lipstick - Hollywood wannabe
I actually won this product in a giveaway on instagram. Its very pigmented and gives a matte finish. Doesn't come off (kiss proof! haha) Just an overall lovely coloured lipstick that I'm loving at the moment.

So that's it for my October favourites! I hope you all enjoyed and found some new products that you can try now.

Comment below with some of your October favourites :)

Till Next time


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