Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Australis Highlights Mineral Highlighter Review

Hi beauty lovers,

I received this products from Beauty Review (I will tell you a little bit more about there website at the end of this post) to do a review for there website but thought I would do one on here as well just so I can go a bit more in depth and show some pictures! :)

If you are from New Zealand you can purchase this product from Farmers for around $20 NZ otherwise you can head over to Australis Cosmetics website and order it directly from there

You can get the highlighter in two colours, Pearl and Gold, I received the colour Gold which is the darker one of the two. First off I want to start by mentioning how pretty the packaging is! I love the colours it seems to capture your eye which I think is important especially when its in a store with many other make-up brands. You get 15g of product which is a decent amount for the price you pay, you only use a small dot at a time so I know this tube will last me forever! To get the product out it comes with a pump so its easy to access and it doesn't squirt out to much at a time. (which is good so your not wasting the left over product)

These are two pictures of the product applied to my cheekbones. I put a small amount on the back of my hand and then patted it onto my cheekbones with my finger, trying to blend it as much as possible since this product has a bronze colour and I have quite fair skin. (Think the pearl colour would of been better for my skin type) My overall thoughts of this product? It was ok, it gave a very subtle highlight, which i guess i prefer because I don't want overly shiny cheeks haha. The reason I guess I wasn't in love with it was only because it was a little to dark for me, I couldn't seem to blend it in as well as I would like it to of been. Also I found it gave a slight patchy look when you looked at it up close but I didn't mind so much as you cant notice it from far away. Overall I give this product a 4/5, I find it hard to find highlighters in NZ stores so I like how I now know about this one and was able to try it before purchasing it myself!.

Before I go I just wanted to tell you a bit about, if you are from New Zealand go sign up now! I found this website about a month ago and it is amazing. You sign up and the beauty review team select a few people to review products for there website (full sized products might I add) usually they have products for review everyday so you have a good chance of having a go yourself! Not only that but you can find a whole community of people who are just as obsessed with beauty as yourself, you can find tips and tricks or just have a good old conversation with other members. Go check out there website guys :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful day, talk to you soon


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