Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My favourite websites for buying 'beauty' from New Zealand

Ok girls, so if you are a fellow kiwi like me, then you all know how ridiculously over priced make-up etc is here and not only that but if we find a good website to buy off they usually don't ship to New Zealand, or shipping is so overly priced it just makes you not want to buy from there! :( Having this problem i searched around and found some great websites, free shipping, cheap prices and massive sales! I have purchased from all of these websites and they ship fast and everything went smoothly (took about a week to get my parcels, so quick!) These websites are not only for kiwis either so I hope you enjoy some of them just like I do :)

First up is :
This website has free shipping worldwide, super great sales (sign up to the email to get emails about discounts) and cheap prices on things you will love!
Another great website! Free shipping worldwide, cheap prices not only on beauty related items but clothes and accesories too. This website has so many sales on Rimmel products, I got my stay matte powder for $4.99 !
This is a fairly new New Zealand website, it doesn't have free shipping but you can find some good bargains
Another New Zealand website, this website has some crazy deals on make-up, so cheap!

I hope you love these websites as much as I do, I love sharing my great finds with my readers! Enjoy :)


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