Monday, 25 March 2013

Stilla Natural Eye-shadow palette review !!

Hi beautyy lovers :)

So here is the long awaited review on the stilla natural eyeshadow palette, had a few issues trying to upload the pictures to my computer but i got it too work so here it is :) Oh and before i forget follow me on twitter : @Beautyybounce

So i bought the palette off and recieved it in the mail a few weeks ago. It comes with 10 eyeshadows and 1 brown eyeliner ( have yet to try the eyeliner but will let you know if its any good when i do ). I can say since i have recieved the palette i have been using it every single day.

Every single colour is so pigmented ( when i upload the pictures of them swatched on my hand you wont be able to see the first colour as its the same colour as my skin tone haha, but works as a great highlighter) you dont need to use a lot as one swipe will be enough to get the colour result you want.


Okay so these are the first 5 colours off the top row.

Going from left to right:

1. Bare ( very hard to see as its the same colour as my skin tone haha)
2. Kitten
3. Bliss
4. Sunset
5. Sandstone

And the second 5 colours off the bottom row of the palette.

Going from left to right:

2. Gilded gold
3. luster
4. Night sky
5. Ebony

As much as i have used them i have found that they do not crease at all, and seem to last all day which is a big plus! I think i paid around $30 (new zealand currency) which is super cheap for new zealand as you can buy just the one shadow sometimes for the same price!

Overall i would definatly recommend you investing in one of these palettes, the looks you can create out of these 10 eyeshadows are endless. Plus a bonus for travelling if you dont want to take too much make up!!

I have done a tutorial using 3 of the eyeshadows and will upload if you guys would like to see some of the looks you can create using the palette :)

Hope you enjoyed the review and cant wait to hear what you all think!!

Talk too you again very soon.


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